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Down South to Dixie!

In this section you will find out about my childhood. I have split the different areas of my life up into sections to 

make it easier to read and understand.

Before you read on any further, I would like you to read the following paragraph and to think how YOU would feel if 

it happened to you. 


Imagine taking part in a sport such as gymnastics. here 

you have an incompetent coach who expects you to use 

faulty equipment, does not give you the time to warm-up 

properly and does not know how to help you once you are 


As well as the pain you may experience at the time, you may sustain damage to your body that troubles you for the rest of your life.

Growing up through life without recognition of my problems and appropriate support for my needs for so long is, like in the example above, what has caused me the most damage. And this damage will be with me for the rest of my life...

Because I had quite a good start in life in terms of reading, writing, spelling etc, I suppose it did "mask" the problems, but some of my behaviours were so different that it should have set the alarm bells ringing straight away!

Despite this though, emphasis was focused on building on my academic skills. This also meant that I was expected to have the "social skills" to match. I have often found myself being catapulted into situations in life without the safety net to catch me when I fall.

Add to this the pressures of starting school and being in class of 30 other kids, and life very quickly became unbearable. I might have had an early advantage of been able to tell the time and to read and spell words early, but life is about much more than qualifications...

Even at just 5 years old, I came to the first big "crossroads" in my life...

I had two choices:

1: Get out of it all now.

2: Carry on life as a separate "person" running alongside the one that I was born as.

I chose the second one this time, but the first choice always remains an option...