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Down South to Dixie!

Over recent years, the prevalence of autism in individuals has rocketed. Similarly, the number of websites devoted to raising awareness of autism has also exploded.

My aim is NOT to create another autism website that repeats the same basic information.

However, I would like to share with you my personal experiences with autism, and more importantly, how these have been "shaped" by the actions and attitudes of those around me. Hopefully you will get an idea of the damage that I have sustained, and I hope that you can learn something from this.

Autism is unique to EVERY individual, and the way it affects me, will not be the same as how it affects others.

Over the last 10 years or so, Autism has hit the headlines big style! All of a sudden everyone seems to have it or know someone that has "just been diagnosed!"

But while it is good that awareness of autism is being raised, there are still a lot of people in the world who are quite simply getting sick of hearing about it! There are some that STILL don't believe autism exists, some that think we are all the same and that autism is just an "excuse" for bad behaviour! There are some that regard autism to be an "epidemic" that is spiralling out of control...

So what's it all about? And, is it all as bad as it seems?

OK, now for the difficult part....

...Difficult not in the sense of explaining autism and what it does, but difficult in trying to keep it to a small personal website! You could write a book the length of "War and Peace" and you would still only touch the tip of the autism iceberg! Thankfully, though there are also now billions of websites on autism that do the job for me! You will find links to the major Autism Sites throughout these pages.

What I will be sharing with you on this site is the way in which autism affects me personally. I accept myself as someone with autism, as well as other disabilities, and I am happy to share my experiences to raise awareness of the condition.

Although autism has a group of characteristic "behaviours" often shared between those on the spectrum, EVERY individual is unique. Just like there are several shades of reds, greens and blues, there are several "shades" of autism, all adding up to what we call the "Autism Spectrum".

So the things that I do, you will not necessarily see in another individual.

10 Autism Facts...

  • Autism is a complex developmental condition that affects the way a person sees, understands and interacts with the world around them.

  • Autism is known to affect 1 person in every 100. More than 600,000 people in England have autism.

  • Experts still do not know exactly what causes autism

  • Currently, more boys than girls have a diagnosis of autism. The ratio is approximately 4:1

  • Despite some people referring to an Autism “EPIDEMIC” it is NOT a disease and you CANNOT catch it!

  • Autism is a LIFE-LONG condition. We grow UP with it but we DO NOT grow OUT of it!

  • There is NO CURE for autism and no specific treatments for it.

  • Autism is NOT just for kids! It affects us all through our ADULT LIFE too!

  • Autism is NOT a Mental Illness!

  • Autism is NOT just about “behaviour” or Social or Communication issues – there is a PHYSICAL  ASPECT to it too that can cause us EXCRUCIATING PAIN.