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Down South to Dixie!

Datsana Language

Because most Datsanas are from the famous Japanese Electronics companies, their language uses the same pronunciation that Japanese does.

Up until recently, there were two "languages" used in Dixieland - "Kai" and "Shino". And while they were very similar, they were also a world apart from each other. Rather like the regional dialects what we have across the UK where a Liverpool accent sounds completely foreign to someone from Birmingham and vice versa.

However, as we have learnt more and more about Japanese as a language, the divide between Kai and Shino has slowly disappeared and the languages have merged, both using the new information that we have learnt about Japanese.

The problem is that we now just have to come up with a new name for it! And at the moment that is causing a few squabbles!

The sound combinations "AI" ( Eye + ii ) and "EI" ( Ay + ii) have been very prominent right from the beginning, but more recently we have learned some new sounds. These are

                                 "AE" - this is very similar to "AI" above but this time say "Eye - Eh" (like the "e" in "met")

                                 "AO" - this sounds a bit like "Ow!" (like in "Ouch!) but with "a" like in "Cat" in front of it. This sound is quite                                                    hard to do just on its own. It is easier when there are other letters with it. For example the name "Naoki" is pronounced:

Na + Ow (like Ouch!) + Ki

                                                                                                   - Naoki - pronounced: Na-ow (as in Ouch!) - ki)

                                                                                                   - Misaaki - pronounced: Mi-sah-ki

                                                                                                   - Masaie - pronounced: Mass - eye- ii-eh

                                                                                                   - Kaede - pronounced: K +eye -eh- deh)                     

                                                                                                   - Eimii - pronounced like English "Amy"

It has been a real learning curve for all of us to learn how to pronounce these names! But unlike English, Japanese has a more simpler pronunciation, for example "ai" is always pronounced "Eye - i.

Also now called Datsana, this came a few years after the creation of Dixieland and over the years has evolved to use the same pronunciation as the Japanese language. It is also just a spoken language as Datsanas can't write. :-)

A human would not normally speak Datsana but as I have grown up with them from the beginning, and I have been accepted into Dixieland, I have been allowed to share this.