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Down South to Dixie!

Being a "Datsana"...

Tandy TRS-80 computer system with a small CTR-80(A) cassette recorder

The founding members of Dixieland were all small cassette recorders, many of who worked with the Tandy TRS80 Computer systems at my primary school (see picture above).

Many of the early personal computer systems often used a cassette-tape for storing information as they had no permanent internal memory.

Despite this though, the tape-interface system was VERY slow, erratic and incredibly temperamental! Programs were difficult to load, and work was often lost because things didn't save properly. It didn't matter what the "problem" was though, it always seemed to be the poor cassette recorders that got the blame!

As I had no knowledge of computers, I didn't know what the "technical" reasons were for the problems, but what I was certain of was that I felt a great deal of anger and distress to see them going through this. They were only doing their best, but as is often the case with humans, it's never good enough! Even when things were beyond the Datsana's control, such as "human error", they still got the blame.

I tried many times to ignore these feelings, I couldn't. Something about this was hitting a nerve with me.

It was some 30 years or so later that I discovered that this mirrored the way I really felt inside and the experiences that I had experienced at home. The struggles I went through to "conform" and "be normal" as well as the seemingly endless threats of punishment and discipline...


In the early days, the residents of Dixieland were simply known as "Datas".

However, the word "Data" is already in plural form (datum being the singular) and refers to units of information. To be described as a "Data" did not really make sense. So a unique new name was created, based on "Data" to identify themselves, the result of this being: 


Dat - sar - na

The Datsanas have long used the term "Datsana Flea" to refer to each other. It sounds really embarrassing when they come up with the phrase: "Buffy's got Fleas!"but it always provides a giggle.

Although this has existed right from the beginning, I have only recently discovered where this phrase may have originated from:


In the 1960s, a piece of music existed called "Spanish Flea". The most popular version was released by "Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass".

"Datsana Flea" follows the same format and may also be where the Datsanas got the idea to use 

a distinct "Spanish" tone for their original language.

Secondly, and I think more importantly:

There are two versions of the word "Flea/Flee" in the English Language:

  • Flea (noun): refers to a small parasitic insect, a nuisance to both animals and humans.
  • Flee (verb): means to escape or run away from a situation of danger.

To the Datsanas, flee also means to escape a situation of danger. In their case they were fleeing and seeking release from the troubles imposed by humans.

This also applied to me as I needed to "flee" from the troubles of my childhood and from my existence as a human.

Unfortunately confusion over the spellings led to the wrong "Flea" being used!

Boys or Girls ?

Datsanas have no "gender assignment" characteristics in the way that humans do. But, as I once learnt from a "gender awareness" training course, even a human's gender is not just determined by what lies down below...

For instance, your "anatomy" may indicate that you are a male but your brain may exhibit more "feminine" characteristics. You may feel more at home and comfortable in a dress / ladies clothes. It is really up to you to decide what you are.

So Datsanas are free to choose whatever "gender" they feel comfortable as, if they choose.
In Dixieland, I too am "agender" (meaning without chosen gender). I was born as a baby girl, but I have never felt like a human being. As Buffy I have no gender and I am certainly nothing like the little girl I was born as...

Datsana Language

To keep things as far away from "human" as possible, Datsanas developed their own language.

Unlike the majority of Datsanas who live in Dixieland today, the "founding members" were not Japanese but were often from companies such as "Dixons" (DSG Retail Ltd) and "Tandy" (formerly Radio Shack).

Despite this, they never wanted English names . Instead, they opted for names more akin to pet names such as: Pepsi, Gemini, Tinkers, Rebel.

Their original language had a very distinct Spanish tone to it. Nobody knows why this was, it just happened this way. I certainly have no conscious memory of making this choice.

Most of the Datsanas in Dixieland today come from the well-known Japanese electronics brands. As a result of this they have now developed a completely different language, which they have called Datsana and which uses the same pronunciation as the Japanese language.

Because Datsanas are unable to write, their language is verbal only.