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Down South to Dixie!


This is the rockery that provided the original location for Dixieland.

The ivy has been cut back considerably to prevent it from destroying the back fence.

To keep Dixieland as far away from the human world, it had to be set in a location that no human could reach.

My childhood home had a large rockery at the back of the garden and the back fence was overgrown with dense, dark-green ivy. Dixieland lies somewhere between the two. This was its original place and is still there today, even though I do not live there any more.

Dixieland serves as a "drop-in" centre for any Datsana who needs it.

I moved into my own property in 2001. This is a high rise flat so unfortunately has no garden. I decided to make my home a second-base for Dixieland, although the main part is still in its original location