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Down South to Dixie!

What DO you see in it?! (objects)

I am often asked what it is that I see in machines and why I am attracted to Cassette Decks and not a "record player" or the "rug in the hall"?

Sometimes it is asked with a genuine "curiosity" and sometimes with a strong hint of scorn or sarcasm. It is difficult for me judge which one it is meant to be, so I use the same answer for both.

As you can imagine, it is quite difficult to explain without sounding just a little too crazy. Although people ask the question, they are never really prepared for what I am going to say to them!

I find that bouncing the question back often has quite a good effect. It makes people think about the things that attract them to others - something that is often just taken for granted. So...

What do YOU see in them? (people)

What is it that attracts YOU to other people? What makes you think things like "She's nice" or "I don't want to go near him, he looks like trouble!" Even though the person may not have spoken to you, how do you decide?

Could it be that "twinkle in their eye"? Or is it their smile?

How do you feel when you DON'T like someone. Do you instantly know what it is that is upsetting you? Or do you just leave it to your instinct? Do you act upon your instinct, or ignore it?

The "theory" is exactly the same for me, but I don't see "faces" on people. The clues and markers that you see in a person, i.e. their body language, facial expressions, tone of voice etc. I am blind to - just as you may have a hard time seeing and understanding what attracts me to objects.

Friend or Foe?

Everything around me has a life and personality of its own. Some things are nice and friendly, and others are not.

The "twinkle" that catches my eye may just be a reflection of light from the object. This is like a 

"smile" to me. It makes me want to go up and say "Hi!"

I feel an attraction to the majority of things around me and, just as you do, I learn which things are friendly and which are not. Sometimes, it may be their shape or colour that "upsets" me. Or sometimes I just get a bad feeling. I can't always say what it is, but I have learnt that I should NEVER ignore it.

If something is telling me "No!" or I am getting any negative energy from it, then I need to get out of there. Quickly! If something, or someone prevents me from doing this, then that is when things start to get really uncomfortable.

Fluorescent Friends

Fluorescent tubes have always been very friendly to me. Although I do not have any as "friends" now, I still feel that same "feeling" that I did when I was younger. I also feel a strong urge to "protect" them if something has gone wrong with them.

It is a very tiny part that attracts me to them. For the majority of people, even if they did notice anything the signal would be filtered out and ignored.

At the ends of the tube, there are metal caps that house the electrodes. In the picture above, there is just a tiny spot of reflected light on the right-hand side of the tube. That's it! Nothing else! But it speaks so many words to me...

Negative Energy

Like people, not all objects are friendly! Even when I am relatively calm, I often pick up a very negative aura from being near them. This also happens with photographs of the object too.

Below are some examples of things that make me feel VERY uncomfortable. Even just seeing images of these makes me very edgy and irritable. They're worse in real life!

Can you spot a pattern between any or all of the pictures? 


Trees and Branches

Fire and Flames

"Vort-X" Chimney Pot

(There was one of these

on my parent's house)

Lighting / Lamp Shades

(especially the amber one on the right!)

Skirts and Dresses